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Nychelle @HoodGemini



Hood Gemini is a qualified Intuitive Priestess & psychic spiritual medium who gives precise psychic readings to a range of mediums. She is a professional certified consultant who uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move into a positive direction and face the challenges that may lay ahead for them.

When you receive your schedule psychic reading with Hood Gemini you will receive a detailed accurate reading that covers the aspect of your life focusing on relationships, love, guidance for future, goals & career, money abundance and developing your own intuition abilities

Her charming yet witty & clever eclectic character will leave you laughing and enlightened. She provides a variety enchanted candles & organic cologne cleansing soaps brings spiritual blessings & balance to your path. 

Dreams can leave you confused and leave you to think that it’s normal, subliminal messages sought to you in dream REM or clues that push you into making the right decisions to live a more harmonious life. Hood Gemini offers dream interpretation that unlocking your subconscious. Analyzing your vision in detail she will give you the answer to your many questions

And Is Also Available For Booth Readings & Events


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Why A Reading With Miss Elite?

You Will Gain The Insight Needed To Navigate Your Life With Greater Ease, Purpose, And Clarity. Do You Need Answers To Questions About What Is Happening In Your Life? Are You Looking For Some Real Direction? Have You Been Struggling With Issues That Are Affecting Your Health Or Peace Of Mind?  Do You Feel Like You Are Missing A Piece Of Yourself? Elite Has Been Helping People With Her Unique Divination Giving Them A Much Needed Look From A Spiritual Angle, Providing Messages From The Spirit Realm. 

Her Intuitive Gifts Combined With Her Unparalleled Level Of Ancestral Knowledge And Training Give Your Reading Session A Depth Of Wisdom, Insight And Healing That Is Remarkably Effective.

 Also Available For Booth Readings & Events


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Jay DaWarlock @realniggatarot



Real Nigga Tarot 

Born In New Orleans, Louisiana, Jay Has Always Been Surrounded By The Influences Of African Spirituality And Took An Interest In Divination As A Young Child. Older Relatives Would Speak Highly Of His Wisdom And Say That He Had An "Old Soul".  People Of All Ages Felt Comfortable Venting To Him And Taking His Advice. He Later Learned That This Was Because He Is An Empath.

 Early On, He Credited His Intuitive Nature To Simply Being Observant But Later Realized That This Is Actually A Gift.

He Believes That The Only Way To Show Gratitude For This Gift Is To Use It For The Healing Of Himself And Others. 

His Intuitive Gifts Combined With His Unparalleled Level Of Ancestral Knowledge And Training Give Your Reading Session A Depth Of Wisdom, Insight And Healing That Is Remarkably Effective.

 Also Available For Booth Readings & Events


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Elle @Elledagyp


Meet Elle, a healer with the Hip Hop Gypsy. 

She is from Nebraska by way of Dallas,TX with Creole roots.

She has always been intuitive and has natural ability to feel innerG,receive messages from spirit and interpret messages via tarot cards. She knows that the ancestors chose her to help heal the world and is humbled to evolve and help others along the way.  

Elle can help you gain insight on areas included but not limited to: past lives,general tarot and Chakra imbalances coupled with healing techniques. 


Dr BlackBird @drblackbird_


 Helping People With Messages From The Other Side.

Reiki Master 




Free Spirit

 Always Learning And Will Continue To Grow On This Abundant Path.

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Nadiyah @backwoddzbruja


Introducing Nadiyah- adj.  Life, liberty as fresh as the morning dew.

Nadiyah is a bundle of energy oozing with love, an Indigo chile, empath, natural born healer, and intuitive. She specializes in creating a deep connection and the sacred space needed for emotional and energetic healing.

She is gifted in finding and "touching" the source of your pain, triggering emotions, blockages, and dis- ease. She takes you to it's origin, gives evidence as to how it is affecting your life and practical as well as magickal/metaphysical ways to heal it.

Nadiyah has a way about her, that makes you feel as if you've known her for years. Her hope is that everyone feels comfortable to just be.

She believes that every action should be a step towards healing and wholeness. Her Oracle cards and crystals are maps and bridges, and her intuition a lighthouse.

Working with Nadiyah will make you feel! She will sit with you, with what her reading brought up, offer you the support and tools to heal it.

Her mission is to help as many people as possible regain their personal power, so that they may LIVE truly all in their Magick.

 Also Available For Booth Readings & Events


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Intro @intro_Spective_Sight


Mr.  Intro-Spective-Sight

Intro Exhibited Unique Spiritual Abilities From An Early Age, Uncannily Connecting With His Ancestral History And Many Events Prior To His Birth. His Gifts Amazed Many And Were Accepted By His Family & Friends, So It Was Easy For His Abilities To Flourish.

Early Encounters With His Spirit Guides Made Him Aware Of His Abilities; They Told Him His Life's Work Would Be Healing People And Relaying Messages From The Spirit Realm. He Now Has Teamed Up With Us To Connect With You Deeply, Encourage You To Continue On Your Path And Counsel You Thru Your Journey.

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Chevy @Soulmarmalade


A member and direct descendant of the Mother of the Meherrin Tribe of Northeastern North Carolina. 

While she is gifted with a divine connection through her ancestors, she honors the legacy of her lineage by healing the energies of the people in her community. 

Tradition, devotion, passion and power navigate from the tip of her her to the soles of her feet. By blood Chevy is a healer, lighter worker, and an energetic reader. She has been professionally trained and certified in the tradition of Usui Reiki. A session with her will leave you with divine insight, healing, and in alignment with your highest self. 

 Also Available For Booth Readings & Events


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Wytchy Wednesday


30 Minute Live Reading

Are you unsure, discouraged, insecure?

Or are You stuck at the Crossroads, unable to see the road ahead?

With this 30 Minute Reading, let Our Gifted Intuitives quickly illuminate your choices and inform your decisions through a Live Divination.